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Overcome Learning Difficulties/Dyslexia

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Our Aim

To Give Students with Dyslexia and General Learning Difficulties the Tools they Need to Catch Up
The Techniques work Immediately and are Designed to Boost Confidence and Raise Self Esteem
They are Life Changing, making Children, Parents and Families Happier.

Supporting Students with Learning Difficulties/Dyslexia

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Spelling, reading, and sequence recognition are all improved by utilising our memorisation techniques. The repeat reading and internal eyescan methods are tremendously effective.

Learn Effective
Memorisation Techniques
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Ensure your child gains an effective grasp on numeracy by utilising the teaching clock and number ladder techniques we have designed. Fun and colourful, these tools engage young learners.

Discover the Secret to
Numerical Strength
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It's true that in order to function normally, the human mind must be relaxed and alert. By banishing stress and promoting self-assurance, our techniques ensure students achieve their best.

Diminish the Effects of
Assessment Anxiety

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About Us

The Edinburgh Techniques is a self-help company who provide a range of self help resources for parents, carers, and teachers, helping those with dyslexia and learning difficulties achieve their very best.

Members of our team address meetings around the country, no matter the scale. Students from the top schools in the UK, including Eton, Loretto's and  Edinburgh Academy have been helped by our techniques, which are now available via the web to assist  families from  all over the country. We provide a truly first-rate solution for struggling learners.


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